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Elevate your Qanun skills from beginner to intermediate. Master essential techniques and learn seven beginner to intermediate iconic Arabic songs!
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Here Is What’s Inside:

Qanun Kickstarter Masterclass (Value £197)

Inside this bundle you will get my Qanun Kickstarter Masterclass This masterclass which will show you the basics of qanun and how to play 2 simple famous tunes so you can finally start to make music with the qanun in just 90 minutes. (no prior music knowledge needed whatsoever).

Laws of ​Ornamentation for Qanunists Bootcamp (Value £197)

So you can embellish authentically, uplevel your technique and avoid making the biggest mistakes which will make you sound inauthentic in your playing.

Step by step tutorials (Value £500)

Step by step tutorials on how to play and ornament 4 super famous songs. Inta Omri , Fok El Nakhel, ​Lamma Bada Yatathanna and the iconic Samai Ibrahim Al Aryan . You won’t need to be able to read sheet music to enjoy playing these iconic tunes to yourself or your loved ones.

Bonus #1: 7 Must have techniques (Value £197)

7 Must have techniques for beginner and intermediate qanunists so you can Elevate your Qanun skills from beginner to intermediate and feel confident in your playing.

Bonus #2: Qanun A to Z Care Guide (Value £97)

Qanun A to Z Care Guide which will show you everything you need to know to look after your qanun and keep it in good shape.

Value: £1,188

Grab this bundle before the bonuses disappear!

So you know a little more…

Hi ! I Am Maya

I am a qanun and maqam mentor who is passionate about mentoring adult Arabic music enthusiasts of all levels on their qanun journey.

I am dedicated to guiding and encouraging my students with a structured, accessible fun method so they can confidently play their favorite tunes, recognize maqam by ear and express their innermost feelings with a taqsim.

Over 30+ years, I have taught qanun and maqam in universities in Oman and the UK and helped 100s of my students whether early beginners, casual enthusiasts, or advanced learners fulfill their qanun dreams in a fraction of the time it takes by traditional methods and while learning online from the comfort of their homes.

As a performer and a composer, I have done it all. Performing and selling out the world’s top venues, receiving awards and accolades for my work.

Born in Syria, I spent most of my life there, receiving classical training and immersing myself in the rich musical heritage. Now based in London, I'm fortunate to share that cultural wealth with my students.

You can't really learn to play an instrument just by reading theory or using qanun books that don't show you how to play the music sheets inside.

I had to show qanun lovers how to start from scratch and how to get to an intermediate level.

And the results were amazing!I know you would want that for yourself.

Watch My Students in Action

Ibada Plays Lamma Bada Yatathanna

Lucie plays El Hilwa Di

Watch Sara go from zero to playing this gorgeous Taqsim in 2 short years

Lene goes from a beginner to taqsim in 2 years: Taqsim Nahawand

Here's how it works.

1. No prior music knowledge is required.

This course is built on teaching qanun the organic way. The way pillars of Arabic music like Sabah Fakhri and Umm Kulthum learned Arabic music .Scores are included but are optional.

2. I am all about learning by experience.

The Qanun Kickstarter bundle gives step by step to play 7 famous iconic songs by following my 3 steps formula …

3. No prior music knowledge required.

All you need is the qanun and the tutorials to get started.

4. Ornamentation in Arabic music is not optional.

it is an absolute must! Ornamentation Bootcamp gives you the overview of how to create a rich authentic sound. It also empowers you with knowing the biggest mistakes to avoid in your playing. Finally it gives you the tools to start to develop your own unique sound so you don’t sound like a copycat. 

Since 2019, I have helped 100s of my students FINALLY play their favorite tunes, recognize maqam by ear and play an authentic taqsim that expresses their innermost feelings and wows their audience. 

And in this bundle, I will give you everything you need to start with qanun and take your playing to an intermediate level.

The current way of learn Qanun is broken!

Here is why. Most people start their qanun journey starting with the wrong steps! They tend to:

Learn music theory first
Play boring scales for months and months
Buy a bunch of complex maqam books

But the problem with this approach is that it simply doesn’t work for a simple reason:
You don’t need to know maqam or music theory or play boring scales for months!

What you actually need is to PLAY songs from the get go and learn by experience.

So focusing on the wrong things in the early stages of your qanun journey wastes YEARS of your precious time which you can’t afford to lose!

The really good news

 is that you can:
  • Make music with the qanun in 90 minutes.
  • Understand how to embellish and create an authentic rich sound ….within days.
  • FINALLY play famous songs which you love in hours. 
What you need is a proven layered method where you do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time.

Here’s just some of what I’m going to be showing you:

  • The fastest and easiest way to learn Qanun: In this bundle you will PLAY straight away as opposed to being stuck in boring scales for months. I will give you absolutely everything you need to go from a complete newbie to an intermediate level with confidence.
  • ​The secret to improving your technique and creating a rich authentic sound on the qanun: you will learn the art and the science of how to fill the space between the notes. The biggest mistakes which will make you sound off and easy practices which will give your performance a lift. 
  • How to look after your qanun. Cleaning, changing strings, travel, storage…. You will have a full guide to keep your qanun in the best shape so you can spend more time playing vs maintaining your instrument.
  • ​My signature process to learn any piece of music (so you can play any piece you like with ease)
  • 7 famous songs which will wow your audience or loved ones.


  • Beginners who wishes to learn qanun from scratch
  • ​Intermediate qanun players who wish to improve their technique and sound more authentic.
  • Qanun lovers who wish to learn famous well-loved Arabic songs on the qanun.
  • ​Qanunists who want to learn by playing vs reading boring books and practicing draining scales for months.


Do I need to have a qanun to take this Masterclass?

How is the bundle delivered?
Once you register you will get instant access to the bundle with all its components so you can start learning straight away.

Do I need to know music theory before I take this bundle?
Absolutely not!

For how long do we get access to the materials and recording?
Once you purchase, you have lifetime access.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Write to us at

Is there any 1-1 access to Maya in this program?
No. This is an online self study course which gives you the very best entry into qanun and to help you progress to an intermediate level . If you want my help in applying this through personalized feedback and support from me, My Qanun Mastery Academy or the 1:1 VIP Mentorship might be a fit. To join, please fill this short application form. I will then personally contact you to explore how I can support you. 

P.S: This is not an ordinary Bundle! Check out the results from qanunsist like you who worked with me.

Andrea Fisherman Finally Finds the Secret Sauce to Consistent Progress

Ron Snindon finally makes music with the qanun 

Noha becomes the best qanunist in her class

If you are ready to go from feeling like qanun is the ‘most difficult instrument in the world’ to FINALLY playing famous Arabic tunes with confidence and improving your technique.

This Bundle is going to give you the tools you need to start making music in hours….

In fact, qanun has never been taught with this clarity and accessibility….ever!

Why Listen To Me?

I am a qanun mentor for adult Arabic music enthusiasts. I help my students learn qanun with a structured, accessible fun method so they can confidently play their favorite tunes, recognize maqam by ear and express their innermost feelings with a taqsim.

All without any necessary prior music knowledge and even if they are allergic to music theory.

My signature approach helps my students learn qanun through a systematic approach where they focus on the few right things at the right time, consistently building a bank of ornamentation taqasim and learning maqam and taqasim… 

I have over 3 decades experience with Arabic music as an internationally acclaimed multi award winning musician and composer. I am recognised as an ‘Exceptional Talent’ by the UK government. I have been dubbed by the BBC as 'Queen of The Qanun', performed all over the world, sold out shows, won prestigious awards and my work has been featured in the international press.

I taught Qanun and Maqam in universities in Oman and the UK and I have helped 100s of students from all over the world recognise maqam by ear and play an authentic taqsim in a tiny fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods.

I am Syrian (was born, studied and lived there most of my life) so I was lucky to soak up the rich and ancient musical heritage of my homeland. Currently, I live in London UK; The headquarters where I make my plans to elevate the human consciousness with the power of music.

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