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Helping you confidently play qanun no matter your level , master maqam, and perform an authentic taqsim even if you are allergic to music theory and have zero music training.

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Free Guide: For Qanun Players

11 Steps to Qanun Mastery:
A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, you'll uncover 11 crucial lessons that I've gathered from over 30 years of playing and teaching qanun at all skill levels, from beginners to experts. These are the very same steps my students took, starting with no prior music knowledge, and ultimately performing captivating taqsim in a remarkably short time.If you are a new or an advanced qanunist, these frameworks will save you a ton of time and energy in your qanun progress and will help you avoid the biggest mistakes which most qanunists make so you can accelerate your progress, improve your technique, master maqam and play a compelling taqsim. even if you are allergic to music theory or have zero music training.

Free Maqam Lego Guide 

Discover the 23 frameworks which will revolutionize your understanding of maqam. If you are a qanunist or an Arabic music lover, dancer, musician (any instrument and any level) who is ready to recognise maqam by ear, play an authentic taqsim, improve your performance and connection to Arabic music, you are exactly who I made this for...

I can guarantee that this guide will give you answers to many of these questions and will give you a brand new clarity in your maqam and taqsim journey that you have never found before.

Hi! I am Maya!

I am a Syrian qanun and maqam mentor who is passionate about mentoring adult Arabic music enthusiasts of all levels on their qanun journey.
I am dedicated to guiding and encouraging my students with a structured, accessible fun method so they can confidently play their favorite tunes, recognize maqam by ear and express their innermost feelings with a taqsim.

Over 30+ years, I have taught qanun and maqam in universities in Oman and the UK and helped 100s of my students whether early beginners, casual enthusiasts, or advanced learners fulfill their qanun dreams in a fraction of the time it takes by traditional methods.

As a composer and a professional performer, have been recognised as an exceptional talent by the UK government, and have been dubbed by the BBC as 'Queen of The Qanun'. I performed all over the world, won prestigious awards and my work has been featured at BBC, Classic FM, The Guardian, Financial Times..etc which helped me reach 100s of qanun and maqam students all over the world.


Success Stories From My Amazing Students

My norwegian student Lene defies naysayes and plays a taqsim in 2 years.
Watch Sara go from zero music knowledge to playing a Taqsim in 2 years
Andrea shares her experience inside Qanun Mastery academy

Watch Ibada play the iconic Mowashah like a pro.
Qanunist Alaa Saleh reaches a new level in understanding Maqam. 

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This community is for qanun players of all levels who want to learn qanun, master maqam and play an authentic taqsim. Receive my latest tips and tutorials inside.

Digital Courses

Qanun Kickstarter Bundle

For beginner and intermediate qanun players who are ready to start playing their first tune, improve their technique and learn 7 of the most famous tunes in Arabic music.

Maqam Lego Experience

In this 5 hour workshop, you will learn the basics of how maqam works in an easy to understand language that anyone can follow. This bundle includes incredible bonuses including my Laws of Ornamentation Masterclass.

Perfect for dancers, musicians and Arabic music lovers as an entry point to maqam.

The Maqam Building Block System ™

The complete revolutionary step by step system to learn Arabic maqam in a fun visual way using Lego. No prior music knowledge needed!

Perfect for Arab music lovers, musicians and dancers who want to understand how each maqam works and recognise maqam by ear.

Maqam & Taqsim Course Bundle

Learn maqam and taqasim in a step by step detailed framework which guarantees you to sound authentic in your taqsim.

This bundle combines the Maqam Building Block System and Taqasim Mastery courses together.

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